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Two Pens

About Mozelle...

As a toddler, Mozelle helped her grandmother nurse a bird with a broken wing. As an adoptee with a traumatic childhood, Mozelle became a writer, photographer, pianist, and grunge artist which became her coping skills and healing modalities. She writes extensively about how trauma caused disociation and how a raven was the main reason she survived it all.


Professionally, Mozelle is a 35-year international forensic handwriting expert and retired 25-year mental health professional. Mozelle attended 14 years of college and obtained a Bachelor's in Forensic Psychology, a Master's in Criminology, a Certification in Crime Scene Investigation, and a Ph.D. in Applied Ethics. Mozelle has testified in court as an expert witness and offered training to law enforcement professionals. 

After her military discharge, she opened her business (Forensology) in 1987. This is also when she started college in the mental health field to help understand the effects of trauma on the brain. Starting as a domestic violence and sexual assault advocate, group facilitator, and case manager, she moved to a therapist role. She then became a credentialed forensic mental health professional and worked directly with inmates before advancing and retiring as a clinical director in the private sector. She is also the creator of Clinical Graphology.


As internships and practicums, Mozelle worked as a surveillance officer, an AIC for the U.S. Fugitive Service, a licensed private investigator, a process server, a correctional officer, and a pre-trial officer.


During 14 years of college, while attaining the above-mentioned degrees, Mozelle completed advanced training from the National Forensic Science Technology Center, Texas A&M University, International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts, the Center for Forensic Science, DITA Academy, RTI International, and the Center of Forensic Science at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. 


Mozelle has been an active member of several associations such as the Society of Medicolegal Death Investigators (SOMDI), International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts (IABPA), International Association for Identification (IAI), American Society of Criminology (ASC), Texas Association for Identification (TDIAI), Texas Association of Hostage Negotiator (TAHN), and others.


As a result of her education and experience, she has taught related classes in both the public and private sectors, including continuing education for both law enforcement and mental health professionals. Mozelle has been a forensic team member for two international non-profits, Find Me Group and tthe Cold Case Foundation. She was also a writer's consultant for the original Criminal Minds television show and has given true crime commentaries to media outlets worldwide. 

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