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Have you been Cyberbullied on YouTube?

I have been viciously attacked by other YouTube Creators. I have pages & pages proving YouTube does NOTHING, including proof from their own emails.


** We are LOOKING FOR adult victims of YOUTUBE BULLYING to file a CLASS LAWSUIT against them since 79% of all bullying occurs on their platform.


Contact --



We are victimized by other creators and repeatedly revictimized every time YouTube allows another video to remain up. Then we are victimized again by YouTube every time they ignore the reports proving the video goes against their TOS. Then, we are victimized again by YouTube and other creators every time they allow these threatening, defamatory videos to be shared and monetized. It's clear YouTube does not care, but we do. It's clear YouTube will do nothing to stop it. So, it's up to us to do it.

UPDATE as of 3-1-23:  we have an attorney that will represent us. He has asked not to publicly reveal the firm's name at this time so he can focus on us - his clients - and not fielding calls from unrelated third parties. What I can share is that this is a full-service business law firm that serves clients in over 100 countries. They are part of Lex Mundi, the world's leading law firm network. 

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